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How Can You Tell the Gender of Your Baby?

How to Tell the Sex Of Your Baby

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When you’re pregnant, it’s natural to want to know the sex of your baby. Most women find out through the safe, painless and very reliable (although not infallible) ultrasound examination. Until the ultrasound was invented in the 50s, and came into wide use in the 70s, there was a lot of speculation about how to tell the sex of your baby. What are the myths about determining my baby’s sex? Throughout the centuries, there have been many myths and unscientific methods rumored to help find out the sex of a fetus before birth. Although some may be entertaining–and any method you use will be correct about half of the time–all are rumors, not based on scientific fact. Some common myths about learning your baby’s sex include: What foods is the mother-to-be craving? Craving sweet food is rumored to signal a girl will be born and if a pregnant woman favors…

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We’ve reached our boiling point. We all officially have cabin fever and “activities” are now “organizing.” IE, cleaning out the pantry, disinfecting the fridge, folding the linen closet, and sorting out the junk drawer (and by that I mean four junk drawers.) I never felt like I really “nested” when I was pregnant with Jack because I didn’t have a nest to nest in! We moved into our house 12 days before Jack was born. I spent my whole nesting phase literally looking for our nest. Now that we’ve lived here almost three years, I have a lot of nesting to do before this babe arrives and it’s hit me; the nesting phase has hit me big time…and I’m only 15 weeks! Most recently, I’ve been going crazy cleaning out old baby clothes. Anything stained or ruined, or that frankly I’m sick of looking at, has been tossed. Then there…

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All your internal muscle tissues relax a little bit during pregnancy, including the muscle around your bladder.  This is nature’s way of getting your body prepared for delivery.  Your ligaments and pelvis expand so that baby can pass easier through the birth canal.  The hormone progesterone is responsible for making your smooth muscles that line your bladder and intestines more relaxed.  You also drink a lot more liquid during pregnancy because both you and the baby need them. By the third trimester, you have a large uterus and baby sitting on your bladder.  You are now drinking more liquids; you have pressure on your bladder, and the bladder is relaxed.  This combination results in unintentional urination, or what we call incontinence.  It may happen when you sneeze or laugh.  The best thing to do is simply wear a pad if you are suffering from incontinence.  If you’re going out somewhere…

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Don’t Blink

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This past week my family took a vacation and it just so happened to be Charlotte’s first birthday.  My baby is 1! Whoa.  Her first year of life went by waaaaay faster than I remember Jack’s going.  I try to look back to when I first brought her home from the hospital, and it all seems to be a blur.  I still look at her and think she’s as little as when she was born.  For some reason when Jack turned 1, I thought he was 5.  He seems so much older and I just want Charlie to stay my baby forever.   I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with strangers that involve how fast their kids grew up and to just enjoy the moment.  When you bring home a new baby, it’s so easy to wish for restful nights, more independence, and “the next stage.”  The truth…

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What should I expect from an amnio?

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If your doctor has told you that you should consider an amniocentesis during your pregnancy, you probably have many concerns and questions about what to expect from this procedure. There are many different reasons why your physician might be suggesting this test, and understanding the basics of the procedure will help you to make an informed decision. The more you understand about what to expect, the calmer you will probably feel about your amniocentesis. What is an Amniocentesis? This procedure consists of drawing amniotic fluid from the uterus during pregnancy using a fine needle, and under the guidance of ultrasound images. The amniotic fluid, which has a consistency similar to water, is what surrounds the baby during pregnancy. It contains cells from your baby, as well as chemicals produced by your baby that indicate many things about his or her health. The fluid sample is then examined under a microscope….

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How Can I Tell if My Symptoms Are Normal?

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Normal Pregnancy Symptoms and Symptoms that Might Indicate a Problem If you’re pregnant, especially for the first time, you might be experiencing an entirely new set of symptoms that you never expected. You might even be wondering if they are normal, or if there is something you should worry about for your own health or that of your unborn child. If you’re just not sure if that is normal or cause for concern, learn more about these 8 common pregnancy symptoms. 8 Normal Symptoms of Pregnancy 1. Abnormal menstruation – While many women have a missed period as their first sign of pregnancy, some women have a lighter period than typical that first month. Either one of these is generally a normal symptom of pregnancy. Cause for concern – Repeated bleeding or spotting during pregnancy might indicate a problem with the health of the pregnancy and you should consult your…

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Join The Club

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My husband has always joked that his loving, patient, “put-together” wife has an 8pm curfew. The joke started when I was pregnant with our first baby. A few months into my pregnancy, he came to realize that I was “on” until 8:00pm then, I flipped like a switch. I’m not like this all of the time, but when I’m pregnant, it’s as though I have dual personalities.* I don’t want to be bothered WITH ANYTHING. It’s become a long-running joke with my entire family; “You need to talk to Emily? Better call her by 8!” My sister even described a person she met recently to me saying, “You know how you get at 8pm? She’s an ‘8 o’clock’ all day long.” Any mom or expectant mom knows the level of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion that goes into working, taking care of a family and house, and trying to have…

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What to expect in your 3rd trimester.

3 Things to Know During Your Last Trimester of Pregnancy

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What Are Some of the Physical and Emotional Changes a Mother Experiences in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy? You will probably be feeling a lot more tired as the changes in your body drain your energy and you have difficulty sleeping at night. By now, your body has become big enough to make it difficult for you to sit up and get up without help. You are also probably experiencing severe back aches, swollen feet, and problems maintaining your balance; and when you look in the mirror, you see someone whose looks are quite different from before you were pregnant. Since these symptoms will be with you during your third trimester, you shouldn’t spend time complaining about them. Instead, embrace these physical changes as a sign of the new life you are about to begin and enjoy and take pleasure in your fertility. Along with the physical changes, you may…

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What Environmental Dangers Should Pregnant Women Watch Out For?

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Does Air Pollution in the Environment Affect My Baby’s Development In Utero? Being pregnant can be a wonderful time of contentment as your fetus develops and grows–mixed with excited anticipation thinking of the day you’ll finally “meet” your newborn next generation. Pregnancy can also bring worries about whether you’re doing all you can to help your baby become healthy, strong and ready to greet the world. Happily, statistics are on your side, with excellent odds that you’ll have a healthy baby, undamaged by environmental factors. What Are the Chances of Birth Defects from Environmental Causes? What About Household Chemical Exposure? Although potential “dangers” may seem to lurk everywhere, many are sensationalized in the press and magnified by your concern for having a healthy child. Only 4 percent (or less) of infants are born with birth defects, and of these, only a tiny percentage is due to known environmental causes, according…

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Dieting and Pregnant—Is it safe?

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Proper nutrition is essential to a healthy pregnancy.  The diet of a pregnant woman should include recommended daily amounts of foods from each food group, including four or more servings of vegetables, two to four servings of fruits, four servings of dairy products, six to eleven servings of breads and grains, and three servings of protein sources, to ensure uptake of essential vitamins and minerals.  In addition, pregnant women are often encouraged to incorporate a prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement into their diet. The caloric intake of pregnant women should be greater than that of non-pregnant women with pregnant women consuming 2,500 calories a day. In general, this is 100 to 300 more calories for pregnant women. Thus, although pregnant women are not actually “eating for two”, an increased caloric intake is necessary to “fuel” the growing nutritional and developmental needs of expectant mothers and babies. Such food consumption sets…

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What are the best options for post-partum birth control?

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You’ve just welcomed your new baby and you’re already anticipating all of those memories you’re going to make as a family. Somewhere between deciding on stroller options and pediatricians, you also have another choice to make – post-partum birth control. Most new parents aren’t quite ready to jump into another pregnancy just weeks or months after giving birth, so choosing a birth control method after baby arrives is an important decision for new parents. Factors for Choosing a Post-Partum Birth Control There are many factors that will influence the type of birth control that you decide to use post-partum. The amount of time you plan to wait before having another child Whether or not you plan to breastfeed your newborn Convenience Cost Side effects Any reactions to previous birth control methods Health concerns or pre-existing conditions Birth Control Choices for New Mothers Intrauterine Devices (IUD) The IUD is a preferred…

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babyq - eating solid food

When Should A Mother Start Feeding Her Baby Solid Food?

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Watching your infant move from one milestone to the next is an exciting adventure. Whether they are the first babbling sounds, the first smile, or the first steps, milestones are often reached when your baby is ready. But how do you know when your baby is ready for solid foods? It isn’t as easy as offering your baby foods and seeing if she will take them or not. In fact, many healthcare professionals agree that parents can offer solid foods too early, which can eventually lead to food sensitivities, eczema, diabetes, and even other more serious health problems. When to Feed Baby Solid Food According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infants should not be fed anything other than formula or breast milk, and preferably breast milk, until they are at least 4 months of age. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found in recent studies…

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Autism Apple Series

Autism Prevention and babyQ

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Central to the idea of babyQ is that mothers have a great deal of control over which genes are turned on in their babies during pregnancy.  This concept of gene control is called epigenetics.  At babyQ we want to help pregnant moms turn on their child’s best genes.  Now in a scientific report we see evidence that this really works and may help autism prevention. Autism is spreading like wild fire in America.  While it was barely heard of back in the 70’s and 80’s, it is now estimated that autism or autism spectrum disorders like Asperger’s, affects 1 in 65 children born in the United States.  How did this happen?  Are genes involved?  How could so many mutations happen in 30 years to go from a rare disorder to one so common? In the March 27 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers from the San Diego…

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101 Things My Kids Have Taught Me: Lesson 98

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98: Girls Love Shoes From The Moment They Can Walk Admittedly, I’m currently going through a huge purse obsession. Mainly because they are the only articles in my wardrobe that I know will fit come summertime. Purses don’t come in sizes; one size fits all and that’s what I need right now. However, what girl doesn’t love a great pair of shoes? Or in Charlie’s case, ANY pair of shoes? She doesn’t discriminate on size, gender, or color. She simply loves shoes. She ALWAYS has to be wearing them – even if we’re just lounging around the house…or at the beach. Usually it’s not a problem. Her feet don’t touch the ground much when we’re out, so her shoes stay in good shape for a while. Around the house, she’s content with slippers. She likes to sit in our mudroom and go through all of our shoes. When I tell…

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Two thirds of women will experience morning sickness during their first trimester, and almost half may have morning sickness even as late as the third trimester.   Morning sickness is clearly related to your hormones.  There is limited safety information on prescription medications during pregnancy to treat this.  You can take pyridoxine or Vitamin B-6.  This is presumed safe and can be effective.  Ginger seems to settle the stomach and is also presumed safe in pregnancy.  You can get crystallized ginger at the grocery store in the spice aisle. If you feel nauseous and do not feel like eating, make sure you stay well hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.  It is not uncommon for women to lose weight during their first trimester.   It is much more important to eat adequate amounts of healthy foods during the second and third trimester.  Do not let yourself get worried if you…

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