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How to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

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Can I Use a Nicotine Patch to Help Me Quit Smoking While Pregnant? You’ve probably heard that smoking is bad for your health, but if you’re pregnant you might have even more reason to try to quit smoking – your growing baby. There are many health concerns for both you and your baby that come from smoking during pregnancy, but there are ways to quit that are safe. The nicotine patch is just one way people stop smoking, but quitting during pregnancy can be more challenging and certain methods are safer than others. What are the Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy? Smoking during pregnancy is not only harmful to a mother’s health, but to the health of her unborn child. The developing baby is exposed to carbon monoxide and extremely harsh chemicals, including nicotine. When carbon monoxide enters the mother’s bloodstream it narrows the blood vessels that in the umbilical…

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Pelvic Cramps

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Cramps are common in early pregnancy.  They come from the implantation of the embryo into your uterus.  They also occur because your uterus starts to grow fairly quickly in early pregnancy.  Frequently, these feel like premenstrual cramps.  You may experience compression type pain deep in your pelvis; it’s typically nothing to be worried about.  A good index of pain severity is whether or not the pain keeps you up at night.  If it does, that is usually the mark of more serious pain and you absolutely need to call your OB.  However, anything that is on par with the typical menstrual cramps can usually be safely ignored.

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What milestones should I expect after my baby is born?

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The first twelve months of a baby’s life are marked by many “firsts”, including their first smile and first steps. During this time babies typically experience significant mental and physical development. Every few months babies acquire new skills for eating, walking and eventually talking. A baby goes from a complete dependence on others to being very active and quite independent, exploring his/her surroundings without much assistance at all. Right before your eyes, your baby will transform in a few short months. Some of the physical changes that babies undergo include being able to control their head, then rolling over, until soon they begin sitting up unassisted. Beginning in the first two months, babies can lift their heads and  hold it up for short periods of time.  By three months, they can usually hold their heads steady and soon begin playing with their hands and feet.   By six months, babies usually…

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