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101 Things My Kids Have Taught Me: Lesson 101

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This fall marks three years since I first found out I was pregnant with Jack.  In those three years I’ve learned so much from being pregnant, delivering two babies, and raising kids.  Granted my oldest only just turned two, I still feel like I’ve experienced so much and I find my self constantly wondering what goes on inside my kids’ head.  I decided that documenting lessons I’ve learned from my kids is the best way to get a better understanding of how their little minds work. 101: To a two-year-old boy, nothing tops construction work. Jack is an outdoors “man” through and through.  He would sleep in a tent in our backyard if I let him.  Anytime he throws a tantrum, without fail I can say, “Let’s go outside” and the situation is defused.   Luckily for Jack (unluckily for half of our neighborhood), a road near us had to be…

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Sciatica or Leg Pain

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Sciatica is irritation of the sciatic nerve.  This is the major nerve that comes out of the back and runs through your pelvis and down your leg.  It allows you to move and supplies sensation to your leg.  With all the changes taking place with your body, especially in the pelvis, it is easy for the sciatic nerve to get irritated during pregnancy.  This is called sciatica. There are many ways to treat sciatica when you are not pregnant.  These include medications, injections and sometimes surgery.  However, none of these options are appropriate during pregnancy.  Physical therapy can sometimes be helpful, sitting in an easy chair with your back flexed and your feet up can also make it feel better temporarily.  Walking on a regular basis can ease sciatica, but not always.  Tylenol is felt to be safe during pregnancy for an occasional episode of sciatica, but is not a…

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Sleep Issues During Pregnancy

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As we continue to look at sleep issues during pregnancy we realize young moms-to-be are not sleeping well enough. The most common reasons women do not sleep well during pregnancy are: Snoring as their nasal passages become swollen from fluid retention Restless legs associated with iron deficiency General discomfort In the latest poll on “Sleep in America” the National Sleep Foundation reported: Exercisers report better sleep than self-described non-exercisers even though they say they sleep the same amount each night (6 hours and 51 minutes, average on weeknights). Vigorous, moderate and light exercisers are significantly more likely to say “I had a good night’s sleep” every night or almost every night on work nights than non-exercisers (67%-56% vs. 39%). Also, more than three-fourths of exercisers (76%-83%) say their sleep quality was very good or fairly good in the past two weeks, compared to slightly more than one-half of non-exercisers (56%)….

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Fish Oils and Pregnancy- What is all the buzz about?

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Omega-3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish oils, have been the source of considerable debate regarding their beneficial properties for pregnant women and babies.  Often pregnant moms must decide whether they will consume fish during pregnancy and if so, in what amount. Fish is known to contain essential protein, iron, vitamin A & omega-3 fatty acids. However, some fish also contain high levels of mercury that can cause harm to a baby’s developing brain and nervous system. To get the benefits without the possible harm, many pregnant women choose to consume fish oil supplements instead of fresh fish. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendation for fish consumption is to choose fish that are low in mercury, such as salmon, catfish, cod and tilapia. Conversely, fish prone to have higher levels of mercury, such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish, should be avoided. Regarding whether the beneficial effects of…

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pregnancy acne

Keeping Clear Skin: How to Deal With Acne During Pregnancy

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Acne during pregnancy is more common than one might think. Acne tends to flare up during pregnancy because of the body’s ever-changing hormones, as well as stress, diet and sleep problems. Controlling acne during pregnancy is different than during the teenage years. Using doctor-recommended or prescribed acne medications and natural methods to keep skin clear keeps both mother and baby safe. What Causes Pregnancy Acne? Pregnancy acne is caused by the same issues as normal acne: hormones and oils. Hormones go into overdrive during pregnancy and cause the production of pore-clogging oils that lead to breakouts. Pregnancy acne is no different from teenage acne, although a woman may breakout in different places than she did when she was younger. How Can I Prevent Pregnancy Acne? Preventing pregnancy acne is the best way to keep skin healthy and clear before and after the baby is born. Cleanse your face twice each…

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Heartburn can be a problem during pregnancy.  Your hormones relax the ring of muscle at the bottom of your esophagus that keeps the food in your stomach.  The food rises into the esophagus and gives you heartburn.  Once this ring of muscle, or sphincter, is relaxed, heartburn is more common.  Also as the baby and uterus enlarge during the last trimester, they will displace your stomach, leading to the food coming back up into your esophagus. You can temporarily neutralize the heartburn with antacid calcium carbonate pills. Just drinking any form of liquid will help reduce the acid coming out of your stomach.  Probiotics, the beneficial bacteria in yogurt, can help protect your stomach and esophagus from heartburn.  Avoid eating high fat foods that are difficult to digest.  Another solution is to avoid foods high in acid such as vinegar, soda pop and lemons.  Sleep on your left side with…

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Autism Apple Series

Autism Prevention and babyQ

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Central to the idea of babyQ is that mothers have a great deal of control over which genes are turned on in their babies during pregnancy.  This concept of gene control is called epigenetics.  At babyQ we want to help pregnant moms turn on their child’s best genes.  Now in a scientific report we see evidence that this really works and may help autism prevention. Autism is spreading like wild fire in America.  While it was barely heard of back in the 70’s and 80’s, it is now estimated that autism or autism spectrum disorders like Asperger’s, affects 1 in 65 children born in the United States.  How did this happen?  Are genes involved?  How could so many mutations happen in 30 years to go from a rare disorder to one so common? In the March 27 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers from the San Diego…

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How Can I Induce Labor?

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It can seem like time just creeps along once you enter the final weeks of pregnancy and patience can wear thin as you fill with excitement and maybe a bit of apprehension. If you are beyond the 38th week of pregnancy and are hoping to encourage labor to begin, or maybe you are trying to avoid a caesarian delivery or medical inducement, you might be hearing a lot of advice about how to induce labor on your own. The most important conversation you can have about inducing labor is with your physician who knows your body and your pregnancy. He or she might endorse some alternative methods you can try at home to encourage labor to begin, but keep in mind that in order for them to usually work, your cervix needs to already be thinning and dilating. This means that labor is typically close, anyway. There are several methods…

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