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What to look for in your ob-gyn?

3 Things You Should Do When You Learn You Are Pregnant

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What is the First Thing to do When You Find Out You Are Pregnant? You have to begin thinking about how to prepare your body so that your baby can properly grow and develop. If aren’t eating a healthy diet, now is the time to start. Here are some important pregnancy facts about your diet: Make sure you have a varied diet so that you will be able to give your baby all of the nutrients he or she needs to develop. Consume a minimum of three servings daily of foods rich in iron, like red meat. Pregnant women need 100 mg of vitamin C daily, so be sure to include orange or grapefruit juice, broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers and Brussel sprouts in your diet. Getting a minimum of 0.4 milligrams of folic acid daily will help prevent birth defects, so eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and legumes, like…

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What Are the Benefits of Eating Vegetables During Pregnancy?

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A healthy diet is an extremely important component to a healthy pregnancy and newborn baby. However, according to research published in the Nutrition & Dietetics Journal, only about half of pregnant women eat the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that they should for a healthy pregnancy. There are two important reasons why eating healthy is important during pregnancy: the long-term health of the mother and the health of the unborn child. Vegetables During Pregnancy – Healthy Benefits for Baby The 9 months during which a fetus develops is a crucial time for healthy eating by the pregnant mother. Her baby relies completely on her ability to sustain a healthy diet, and vegetables are an integral part of that. There are several benefits for the baby of mothers eating vegetables while pregnant, including healthy birth weights of babies and reduced risks for long-term health complications and diseases. The following are…

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Missed Period

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For many women, the first symptom that they are pregnant is that they miss their period.  Every month when you are not pregnant, your uterus sheds its lining so that there is a healthy surface for the embryo to become implanted when you become pregnant.  During pregnancy, this monthly cycle stops as the baby and placenta grow in your uterus.  This results in the missed period. Typically you will notice the missed period about two weeks after becoming pregnant.  It’s very important to keep track of your last menstrual period because this will help your OB predict when you are ready to deliver.   Of course, women can miss periods for a variety of reasons, only one of which is pregnancy.  Sometimes travel and stress, not eating enough, or exercising too much can make you miss a period.

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Hair Growth Changes

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Hormone changes during pregnancy can affect your hair.  It can also affect your developing baby’s hair.  Folklore has it that women who have lots of heartburn during pregnancy have babies with increased hair at birth. Indeed, this seems to be true.  The hormones that cause your esophagus to relax also cause heartburn.  These same hormones increase hair growth in your baby.  Your hair typically grows quicker during your pregnancy.  That’s because hormones influence the growth phase of your hair follicles, leading to increased hair growth.  After pregnancy, your hair growth will revert to normal and you may lose a little bit of hair as the hair follicles go back to a resting phase.  Breast feeding also seems to make your hair grow quicker.

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How Do I Tell My Family We’re Pregnant?

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Photo © Sprinkled Joy Fun Ideas to Share the Pregnancy News The pregnancy test is positive and you’re excited to share the news, but you want to do it in a memorable and exciting way. Whether you serve a cake with pink and blue swirls on the inside or send out a formal announcement, there are many fun ways to share with your family and friends that you will be welcoming a new addition to the family. Throw a “Small” Party Invite everyone over for a party, but serve everything in tiny portions – sliders instead of burgers, baby carrots, and everything else in mini, bite-sized portions. For dessert you can serve mini-cheesecakes, some with raspberries on top and some with blueberries.  Hang a banner that reads something such as “Thank you for coming to our small party – because we have BIG news to share with you!” Decorate with…

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Don’t Blink

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This past week my family took a vacation and it just so happened to be Charlotte’s first birthday.  My baby is 1! Whoa.  Her first year of life went by waaaaay faster than I remember Jack’s going.  I try to look back to when I first brought her home from the hospital, and it all seems to be a blur.  I still look at her and think she’s as little as when she was born.  For some reason when Jack turned 1, I thought he was 5.  He seems so much older and I just want Charlie to stay my baby forever.   I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with strangers that involve how fast their kids grew up and to just enjoy the moment.  When you bring home a new baby, it’s so easy to wish for restful nights, more independence, and “the next stage.”  The truth…

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My Baby Is Breech. Eek!

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As I near the end of this pregnancy, (less than a month to go!) I can’t help but reminisce about Jack and Charlie’s deliveries. Their pregnancies and deliveries were extremely similar from start to finish. Both times I found out I was expecting at six weeks along; I was sick throughout the first 20 weeks and felt GREAT during the final months. Both times I was overdue, induced, and labored for less than half an hour (please don’t hate me.) Both babies weighed roughly eight pounds and had textbook, vaginal deliveries. Here’s where it gets even more similar: both Jack and Charlie were born at the EXACT same time, 2:05pm. Crazy, right? Up until now this pregnancy hasn’t been much different, but at my last OB appointment my doctor told me the baby is BREECH. EEK. I still have five weeks until I’m due so I’m hoping the baby will…

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10 Things I Wish People Would Have Told Me When I Was Pregnant: PART ONE

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There’s nothing like your first. Health wise, I had great pregnancies. However, no pregnancy is as enjoyable as your first. It’s all about you. If you’re tired, take a nap or go to bed right after work. I did. I would sleep from 5:15pm to 7:30am some nights. If you’re sick, call into work and stay in bed all day to watch a ‘Real Housewives’ marathon. If you don’t feel like making dinner, pick up something on your way home from work and call it a night. It’s heaven. Then you have the baby and decide ‘if I have one, I should probably have another’. Well guess what? It’s not like your first. Now you’re on either a baby’s/toddler’s/child’s schedule and that’s your first priority. I remember the first time I got a cold during my second pregnancy. I woke up feeling miserable and thought how am I going to…

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Is lower back pain normal?

Is Lower Back Pain Normal During Pregnancy?

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Is Lower Back Pain a Common Symptom During Pregnancy? Is Lower Back Pain Normal During Pregnancy? Yes. Statistics show that between 50 to 80 percent of all pregnant women experience some form of back pain, ranging from a mild pain that only manifests during certain activities to a more severe, chronic pain. Lower back pain is most common from the fifth month to the seventh month, but can begin as early as the second month. Women who have back problems prior to becoming pregnant are at an increased risk for lower back pain, and these women generally experience lower back pain earlier on in their pregnancy. What Causes Pregnancy Lower Back Pain? There are several explanations for lower back pain: Additional weight – As a women begins to gain weight, it puts additional pressure on her spine, causing lower back pain. There is also additional pressure on the spine as…

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How Can I Induce Labor?

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It can seem like time just creeps along once you enter the final weeks of pregnancy and patience can wear thin as you fill with excitement and maybe a bit of apprehension. If you are beyond the 38th week of pregnancy and are hoping to encourage labor to begin, or maybe you are trying to avoid a caesarian delivery or medical inducement, you might be hearing a lot of advice about how to induce labor on your own. The most important conversation you can have about inducing labor is with your physician who knows your body and your pregnancy. He or she might endorse some alternative methods you can try at home to encourage labor to begin, but keep in mind that in order for them to usually work, your cervix needs to already be thinning and dilating. This means that labor is typically close, anyway. There are several methods…

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