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Can My Baby Hear?

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An unborn baby has many experiences in the womb based on the actions of the mother – the foods she eats, exercises she does, and medications she uses all impact her developing baby. The senses of an unborn baby are also developing and interacting with the environment. There is much research that shows that babies can feel, taste, dream, and react to stimuli such as sound long before birth. So – does this mean your baby can hear? Yes. An Unborn Baby’s Ears and Hearing In the first trimester, just around the 8th week, a baby’s ears are forming, and as early as 18 weeks they begin to perceive the sounds of the womb (blood pumping, fluid moving, etc.) as the tiny bones of the inner ear mature and the auditory portion of the brain more fully develops. Research shows that infants recognize their mothers’ voices long before birth and…

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Over the Counter Medicine

Should I Avoid Over the Counter Medicines Now That I’m Pregnant?

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Pregnancy is a time of many changes for your body, and one of those is what you can put into your body. Medications taken during pregnancy can sometimes result in birth defects, complications for the mother, low birth weight for the baby, and other significant health issues for both mother and child. Your healthcare provider should discuss with you any prescription medication needs and decisions during pregnancy, but don’t forget to talk with him or her about any use over the counter medications (OTC) for pregnant women that should be avoided. What is an over the counter medication? Over the counter medications, also known as OTCs, include more than the obvious headache and cold medicines. They include such things as: Pain relievers Allergy medications Dietary pills and supplements (even those shakes) Some teas Herbal medications Topical ointments – they are absorbed through the skin and circulate through the bloodstream Vitamins…

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How to Feed a Baby

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Newborns and infants all require some of the basic needs of nutrition and sleep, but choosing a method of feeding your baby can seem anything but basic. The World Health Organization (WHO) and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend breastfeeding as the most optimal choice for feeding your baby, but that does not mean that infant formula is not a viable option for many mothers and babies. The decision between bottle and breastfeeding should weigh many factors, and should include discussions with your baby’s pediatrician. How Do You Choose Between a Bottle and Breastfeeding? Choosing between breastfeeding and bottle feeding is something that you should ideally begin considering long before your baby is born. There are many factors that will influence your decision, and the best way to ensure a successful plan for you and your baby is to consider the pros and cons of each, and how those fit into…

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How do I lose the baby weight?

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If you’re like most women, you haven’t shed all the “baby weight” you thought you would have after delivery or even six weeks after welcoming your new bundle of joy.  Well, don’t fret, there are a few simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help you shed those unwanted pounds.  The key is to take it slow, realizing that it took approximately 9 months to acquire this extra weight, and it will likely take several weeks to return to a “new normal”. The first step in this process is to accept that the changes your body has undergone served a very special purpose to prepare for a new baby.  Now that this purpose has been fulfilled, your body can redirect energy and resources toward re-establishing your healthy weight and body size. To lose the “baby weight”, new mothers should increase their physical activity and only limit…

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Breastfeeding in Public? Returning to Work and Pumping Milk? You are Protected!

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With ongoing headlines about celebrities being “caught” breastfeeding in public, military moms being fired because of breastfeeding in public, or the occasional news story covering a mom who was asked to leave a store for breastfeeding, making the choice to breastfeed can seem very intimidating. Some of you will contend with outrage from your family, friends or a random person in public who shoots you a look of disdain. However, your baby needs to nurse constantly, and for many breastfeeding moms that is a scheduled time every 2-4 hours. Beyond those first 6 weeks, you are bound to breastfeed in “gasp” public. This may include your car, a restaurant in the mall or grocery store aisle if you can’t get away immediately. Here are some tips for new moms to make the experience less awkward for you or those around you. Become familiar with your local mall, church, or other…

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What Exercises Are Safe During Pregnancy?

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Expecting mothers can typically stay healthy by following a nutritious diet, accompanied by safe exercise during pregnancy. A woman’s body experiences many changes during these nine months and while exercise is a valuable part of staying healthy, there are some precautions to take and restrictions to make during this time. The questions many expectant mothers have during this time include: Is exercise safe during pregnancy? What type of exercise is best during pregnancy? What types of exercise should I avoid during pregnancy? Safe Exercise During Pregnancy Because every woman’s body is different, especially during pregnancy, it is important that the first step you take is to consult with your healthcare provider about the safety of exercising during your pregnancy. Some women with certain health issues, medical histories, and complications during this time might be advised against aspects of physical activity. If you were already a jogger, a swimmer, or an…

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What Does It Mean When “Your Water Breaks”?

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In the movies, it happens at the most inopportune times and without any notice, and then labor immediately begins in a dramatic fashion. However, in real life, when a woman’s water breaks during pregnancy, there is often a less intense release of fluids and further signs of labor may or may not be present. The water is the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby during pregnancy in the amniotic sac. While there are no definitive reasons why this membrane sac knows when (or how) to rupture, it often signals that labor is going to follow soon. What Happens When Your Water Breaks? When the amniotic sac membranes rupture, this allows amniotic fluid to leak. Some women experience a slight feeling of wetness in their vaginal area. Others feel a trickle of water leaking, which may begin, stop, and then begin again. Then there is another group of women who experience…

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My boyfriend smokes – What are the risks?

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Your boyfriend is the one who makes you laugh and the one who remembers your favorite movie snack. However, if your boyfriend also smokes tobacco products you could be at risk for more than you bargain for in this relationship. Not only is your boyfriend risking his own health, but you could be exposing yourself to toxins that can cause many health issues for you. Firsthand smoke – If your boyfriend smokes he is exposing himself to firsthand smoke, inhaling the carcinogens that are emitted from the cigarette every time he inhales on the end of the cigarette. Smoking has long been associated with health concerns, and in particular, young men are at risk for many diseases and conditions if they smoke cigarettes. Teenage boys who smoke can actually stunt their height growth as well as their BMI (body mass index). Young boys and men who smoke can damage the…

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What Are Symptoms I Might Be Pregnant?

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Even though on the outside it might seem like there are no signs or symptoms of pregnancy, on the inside your body is going through tremendous and significant changes. Many of these changes will trigger symptoms even in just those first few weeks that when all put together point to the same answer – you are pregnant. Early Signs of Pregnancy One of the very first signs of pregnancy a woman might notice is very light bleeding, which can happen 10-12 days after conception. This is known as implantation bleeding from the fertilized egg implanting in the uterine wall. For women who do have implantation bleeding, many think that it is just an early, light or slightly unusual menstruation period. Don’t assume you’re not pregnant if you don’t have this symptom – many women become pregnant and never experience noticeable implantation bleeding. There are many other signs and symptoms of…

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Asthma in pregnancy- Symptoms to discuss with your doctor

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Pregnancy is a time of great change for women, and it can also be a time of concern for those who live with asthma. Affecting approximately 4-8% of moms-to-be, asthma is a chronic lung condition that can impact the health of the mother and developing fetus. For most women with well-controlled and mild asthma, pregnancy poses little risk for complications. However, for those who have moderate to severe asthma or poorly monitored and controlled asthma, pregnancy can pose several risks for both the mother and baby.  Any pregnant woman who has asthma needs to be aware of several symptoms that might signal a larger problem. Asthma Complications – Symptoms and Conditions Complications for pregnant women with asthma often increase in severity of symptoms during the last trimester, especially after the 28th week. It is difficult to reliably determine which patients with asthma will go on to have pregnancy related complications,…

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