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5 Pregnancy Facts That Are Just Weird

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Is it True That During Pregnancy, There Are Some Unusual Changes To The Mother’s Body? The answer to that question is “yes.” During pregnancy, the mother’s body experiences unusual alterations as a result of the shift in hormone levels. There are some weird pregnancy facts about a few of these changes you may not know. Is the Brain Affected by Pregnancy? Yes. There is a condition called “pregnancy brain” that causes pregnant women to become increasingly more forgetful as they enter the second and third trimesters. In 2010, a group of English researchers conducted a study to test pregnant women’s spatial memory, which is the ability to remember where objects are located, for example where you left your glasses when you took them off. There were 23 pregnant women and 24 non-pregnant women who participated in the study. The researchers found that during the second and third trimesters, the pregnant…

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What Are 5 Great Pregnancy Blogs?

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If you search for pregnancy related topics online, you’re going to be met with a new story, image, or advice on thousands of sites. There are some blogs, however, that stand out among the rest when it comes to pregnancy related topics. They are not intended to replace medical care or advice, but they are great tools for moms-to-be to find support, learn from others’ experiences, and get new perspectives about pregnancy. 1. Project Nursery The indigestion and swelling ankles simply just aren’t as enjoyable as dreaming about the serene space your baby will call home someday. Project Nursery is one of the most popular pregnancy blogs, but it is almost more about interior decorating than about pregnancy. The site is updated every day, and is filled with colorful photographs and videos of almost every nursery style imaginable. Perhaps one of the reasons why this site is so popular with…

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How Can You Tell the Gender of Your Baby?

How to Tell the Sex Of Your Baby

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When you’re pregnant, it’s natural to want to know the sex of your baby. Most women find out through the safe, painless and very reliable (although not infallible) ultrasound examination. Until the ultrasound was invented in the 50s, and came into wide use in the 70s, there was a lot of speculation about how to tell the sex of your baby. What are the myths about determining my baby’s sex? Throughout the centuries, there have been many myths and unscientific methods rumored to help find out the sex of a fetus before birth. Although some may be entertaining–and any method you use will be correct about half of the time–all are rumors, not based on scientific fact. Some common myths about learning your baby’s sex include: What foods is the mother-to-be craving? Craving sweet food is rumored to signal a girl will be born and if a pregnant woman favors…

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What Exercises Are Safe During Pregnancy?

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Expecting mothers can typically stay healthy by following a nutritious diet, accompanied by safe exercise during pregnancy. A woman’s body experiences many changes during these nine months and while exercise is a valuable part of staying healthy, there are some precautions to take and restrictions to make during this time. The questions many expectant mothers have during this time include: Is exercise safe during pregnancy? What type of exercise is best during pregnancy? What types of exercise should I avoid during pregnancy? Safe Exercise During Pregnancy Because every woman’s body is different, especially during pregnancy, it is important that the first step you take is to consult with your healthcare provider about the safety of exercising during your pregnancy. Some women with certain health issues, medical histories, and complications during this time might be advised against aspects of physical activity. If you were already a jogger, a swimmer, or an…

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Leg Cramps

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Leg cramps can occur during pregnancy, especially while you sleep.  They may be a signal that your body is lacking potassium or calcium.  Drink plenty of milk, eat dairy products like yogurt and cheese, and enjoy multiple fruits and vegetables.   Also, leg cramps at night are common because of sleep position.  If you sleep on your back, the covers may pull your toes down and in this position your calves will cramp.  Make sure you sleep on your left side.  If your legs cramp during the day, try some gentle stretching exercises.  Also, walking 30 to 40 minutes a day helps strengthen your legs.  As your muscles get stronger, they will cramp less readily.

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The Anti-Craving

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Cravings seem to be a topic people are highly concerned about when talking with pregnant women. I think anyone who hasn’t been pregnant is curious to hear some crazy concoction, and those who have been pregnant want to compare crazy concoctions. As far as specific cravings go, the only thing I can remember that was “weird” was the grilled cheese sandwich I once made with raspberry jam on it; but I don’t even think it was that weird because fruit and cheese are a very common combination. Anyway, it was delicious and Jack liked it too. During my first pregnancy I had a change in preferred tastes. I used to have a huge sweet tooth, but as soon as I got pregnant with Jack, I didn’t care for desserts or sweets anymore. I wanted salty foods, mostly olives, constantly. Then, during my second pregnancy, I only wanted chocolate all day,…

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10 Things I Wish People Would Have Told Me When I Was Pregnant: PART TWO

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6. It’s a different kind of love.  People used to tell me “Just wait. When you have that baby, you’ll love it more than your husband.”  It scared me, honestly.  I didn’t want to love anyone more than my husband.  What they were saying is false.  I don’t love my kids more than my husband, but I also don’t love my husband more than my kids.  It’s a completely different kind of love.  You love your kids no matter what.  That’s why it’s called “unconditional love”; however, you love your husband more than you loved him before you had kids because you see what the two of you are capable of…bringing life into the world.  It’s an unbelievable thing.  You’ll love both your kids and your husband an extreme amount, but in different ways. 7.  Everyone loves giving pregnant women advice; don’t listen to most of it. I once had a…

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Restless Legs

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Restless legs seem to bother a small number of women during pregnancy.  It is the sensation of always having to move your legs.  While you are sitting you may feel compelled to cross them, at night while you are trying to sleep, you may find it difficult to position your legs comfortably.  You feel you must keep moving them.  Restless leg is linked to iron deficiency in pregnancy. It is very important that you take your prenatal vitamins to help reduce the risk.  Also the tendency for restless legs seems to be genetically determined.  That is, you are more likely to suffer from restless leg syndrome if your father or mother had it.  Fortunately, it almost always goes away after your baby is delivered.

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Prenatal Yoga: What You Need to Know

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What are the benefits of prenatal yoga? Advocates of prenatal yoga are adamant that the benefits of participating in this form of exercise are vast. First off, there are many yoga poses, such as Pigeon Pose or Cat-Cow Stretch, that can help you open up your hips to make more room for your child to descend through. Additionally, since yoga is a form of exercise, it helps build your endurance and can make the childbirth process easier for you. But more than its physical benefits, prenatal yoga can help you with your mood and your mind control as you go through the pregnancy process. How does it do this? The endorphins that are released as you participate in the poses actually help to balance out the crazy hormones rushing through your body when you are pregnant, making it easier to stay in a pleasant mood. More than that, a large…

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babyq - twins

I’m Having Twins! What Do I Need to Know?

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If you are preparing for the joy of a new arrival – times two – then you might be wondering if there are differences you will experience during your pregnancy because of this. Multiple pregnancies are increasing in occurrence and there are certain things you need to know about having twins that will help you have the most enjoyable, healthy pregnancy possible. Facts About Twins Pregnancies with twins have their own unique challenges as well as unique ways the mother’s body responds to this extra demand. Weight Gain in a Twin Pregnancy You’re going to need at least 2,700 calories every day, but you’re not going to want to overeat or get those calories from treats and desserts. The typical twin pregnancy will mean that a pregnant mom gains between 35 and 45 pounds. Because you’re carrying two babies and adding more weight, you’re probably going to be more uncomfortable…

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Preparing for Parenthood: How Can the Father of My Baby Prepare?

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Pregnancy is a time of great changes for the mother-to-be, but there are also changes in store for dads, too. The most noticeable changes during pregnancy are the physical ones that can be seen in the mother as her body grows and changes as it works to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Dads often experience a very different form of change. For all of you somewhat hesitant fathers out there, try these methods for connecting with your baby, and ultimately preparing for fatherhood. Get Real – For expectant fathers pregnancy can be a time when parenthood doesn’t quite yet seem real. A mother feels so many physical changes that it is almost impossible for her to ignore the impending birth. If you are a father-to-be, find a way to connect with the pregnancy and your unborn child. Go to the Appointments – Your partner might be OK attending the appointments by…

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Emily’s Weekend Links

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Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a nice weekend planned. Is anyone planning on having a baby? Today is Charlie’s 2nd Birthday! She’s excited to eat cake and wear her new pajamas that my Grandma sent her. While we enjoy cake for breakfast, you enjoy these links from around the web. Do you fall within the 15% of people that find this creepy? Then don’t read about this! The reviews on this had me laughing for days Various ways to fold a pocket square I could live in a grey “sweatshirt.” As my Mom would say, cornfields have big ears. No matter what time I wake up, I never have enough time! How to apply blush. My husband says my memory is too good. Bras For A Cause Easy, step-by-step Halloween nails. Pack more efficiently Pumpkin sour cream bars. Serena and Lily by Hanna Andersson Truth.

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What are the medical options for post-partum birth control?

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You’ve just welcomed your new baby and you’re already anticipating all of those memories you’re going to make as a family. Somewhere between deciding on stroller options and pediatricians, you also have another choice to make – post-partum birth control. Most new parents aren’t quite ready to jump into another pregnancy just weeks or months after giving birth, so choosing a birth control method after baby arrives is an important decision for new parents. Factors for Choosing a Post-Partum Birth Control There are many factors that will influence the type of birth control that you decide to use post-partum. The amount of time you plan to wait before having another child Whether or not you plan to breastfeed your newborn Convenience Cost Side effects Any reactions to previous birth control methods Health concerns or pre-existing conditions Birth Control Choices for New Mothers Intrauterine Devices (IUD) The IUD is a preferred…

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Food Cravings

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Over 60% of women during pregnancy experience food cravings.  Some of this can be explained by what you need or the baby needs.  For instance, the baby really needs a lot of glucose so sweets taste especially good and in proper amounts can help nourish your child.  You need increased amounts of sodium and potassium, so salty foods and fruits and vegetables all taste good.  You may also be making up from deficits in food following significant morning sickness and nausea.  Food cravings are rarely harmful as long as you don’t skip eating a regular balanced diet or eat too much.  Satisfying food cravings should be enjoyed.

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How Many Fruit and Vegetable Servings are needed per day during Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a time of great emphasis and concern for women about their health and the health of their unborn child. Often nutrition and other lifestyle decisions take “center stage”.  As such, women often wonder how do I eat right? How do I make smart food choices? Where do I find the best produce? How much will it cost? Will it taste good? Can I maintain these habits throughout pregnancy and beyond? To answer the question, “How many fruit and vegetable servings are needed per day during pregnancy?”, consider the following simple advice:  Do what comes natural. As a pregnant woman, you’re more likely to be hungry. Eat small snacks of fruit and vegetables several times per day to avoid getting hungry and consuming a lot at one time.  Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season avoiding canned or pre-sweetened options.  By eating often and in season, less effort…

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