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Does a mother's due date change?

Should I Be Worried That I’m Past My Due Date?

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How is My Due Date Calculated?  The most common way to calculate the date of delivery is Naegele’s Rule, a formula named after the German obstetrician Franz Karl Naegele who created it. Your ob-gyn doctor will ask you for the first day of your last period. He or she then adds nine months and seven days to that date. The end result is a due date about 280 days from the start of your last period. While this may be a simple way to calculate a due date, there are some problems with it. The accuracy of this method depends on: Your ability to correctly remember the first day of your last period You having regular menstrual cycles You not experiencing early bleeding that was not really the start of your cycle Your use of oral contraceptives, which could affect the timing of ovulation Another issue with this formula is…

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babyq - siblings

How Do I Tell My Child We’re Having Another Baby?

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A new baby on the way is often a time of great joy and anticipation. For older siblings, however, it can be a time of jealousy, resentment, and even fear. If your only child is about to be joined by a new baby brother or sister and you are worried about how to share the news, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the announcement as joyful as possible. There are also many ways you can help your child feel important, valued, and excited about the adventure of being an older sibling. Tell Your Child He Is Going to Be a Big Brother or She a Big Sister Unless you are 100% certain, without a doubt confident, that your older child is more excited to bring home another baby than you are, don’t begin by asking your child what he or she thinks about the…

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Prenatal Yoga

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When Should I Start Prenatal Yoga? Prenatal yoga is not only an effective way to maintain your flexibility and provide your body with the health benefits of this form of exercise, but it can also help to prepare your body for the demands of labor and delivery. The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga The benefits of prenatal yoga are many, including: Stress relief Sleep improvement An increase in overall body strength Increases in flexibility and endurance Improves balance Improves circulation Reduces blood pressure Teaches you breathing techniques you can use during labor and delivery Reduced symptoms from things such as nausea, back and hip pain, headaches, and other common complaints during pregnancy Preparation for the physical stamina you will need during labor and delivery Preparation for the physical stamina you will need for caring for your newborn Before you start any new exercise program, however, it is important to check in…

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I have not felt my baby kick – I am 23 weeks?

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You probably waited weeks to feel that precious moment when your baby first fluttered enough so that you could sense him or her in your womb. Now, however, you are 23 weeks along and you haven’t felt your baby move for several hours today. Should you be concerned? There are many factors that can influence your baby’s movement and when you feel those gentle flutters in the second trimester (or toward the end of your first trimester, especially if this is not your first pregnancy). Most often somewhere between 15 and 24 weeks you will notice small flutters that at first might be difficult to distinguish as actual movements. This is known as quickening, and it is usually present by the 20th week. You have probably heard many women describe them as the sensation of butterflies flitting in your abdomen. Sometimes these first movements can also be mistaken for hunger…

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I’m Afraid I’m Gaining Too Much Weight and Will Never Lose It!

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It is one of the shared experiences of pregnancy – weight gain. The healthy development of your growing baby requires that your body adds extra weight, not just for the weight of your baby, but for things such as increases in blood volume and other body fluids. While every woman’s experience and health needs will be different, there are some general weight gain guidelines (as described by the Mayo Clinic) for typical pregnancies of a single growing baby. Underweight pre-pregnancy weight = recommended gain of 28-40 pounds Normal pre-pregnancy weight = recommended gain of 25-35 pounds Overweight pre-pregnancy weight = recommended gain of 15-25 pounds Obese pre-pregnancy weight = recommended gain of 11-20 pounds As you can see, even women who are considered obese at the beginning of their pregnancy typically need to gain at least 11 pounds in order to support the pregnancy. For those women who are carrying…

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Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infections- Why Are They So Common During Pregnancy?

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A woman’s body goes through tremendous changes during pregnancy, including the increased susceptibility to infections and heightened symptoms of other conditions. As many as 30% of women suffer from bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy, and even more from yeast infections. These two similar conditions should not be left undiagnosed or untreated. What is Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)? Bacterial vaginosis is caused when the normal balance of bacteria in a woman’s vagina is disrupted and too much of certain bacterium grows. During pregnancy there is a dramatic shift in hormones and pH levels, which is why pregnant women can be so susceptible to this condition. There is no one certain point of origin or cause as to why some women suffer from BV, but two of the most common underlying circumstances that could contribute are 1) having multiple sex partners, and 2) douching. Signs and Symptoms of BV Increases in the amount of…

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What is an ectopic pregnancy?

What You Need to Know About an Ectopic Pregnancy

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What is an ectopic pregnancy? Simply put, an ectopic pregnancy is any pregnancy that occurs outside of your uterus. Once your egg is fertilized, it will find something to attach to. While it usually travels through your fallopian tubes into your uterus, it doesn’t always make it there. Most ectopic pregnancies are when the fertilized egg attached to the fallopian tube, but the egg may also attach to your ovaries, cervix, or another internal part of your abdomen. What are the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy? An ectopic pregnancy will usually still give you traditional pregnancy symptoms, like a missed period, tender breasts, and nausea, early on, but you will find out shortly that something has gone awry. You will probably begin to feel severe pain on one side of your lower abdomen, vaginal bleeding, and even some shoulder pain. You may even have dizzy spells or fainting. Is an…

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babyq - Can I Have Sex

Can I Have Sex During Pregnancy?

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Intercourse is most likely the activity that led to your pregnancy, but some couples wonder if that is one of the last times they will experience intimacy for a long time. For healthy couples experiencing healthy pregnancies, sex during pregnancy is not a risky behavior. In fact, many couples experience a new level of intimacy and several benefits of sex during pregnancy. Sex During the First Trimester of Pregnancy Even though your outside appearance is probably the same, your newly pregnant body is undergoing several changes that might affect your sex drive. The rush of hormones, the increase in fatigue, and the possible morning sickness might just be enough to cause you to want to say No more than Yes. There might also be new emotions and stresses for you and your partner as you both adjust to the new roles you are embarking upon as parents. Some worry about…

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5 Books Expectant Mothers Should Read

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Even though nothing can prepare you like experience, sometimes books are the best back-up teachers you can have. During your pregnancy you are likely to have questions, concerns, and just wonder if you’re the only woman who has experienced such symptoms. There are some amazing books that are there to reassure you, show you the humor in it all, teach you about your pregnancy, and prepare you for beyond the birth. If you’re pregnant there are 5 books (at least!) that you should find the time to read. While What to Expect When Your Expecting is a comprehensive guide on many moms’ shelves, there are a few other options worth noting. Comprehensive Books to Read about Pregnancy and Birth The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, by experts from the Mayo Clinic This is a comprehensive, medically sound and respected guide to pregnancy. Some of the highlights are week-by-week…

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What is a Kegel?

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What is a Kegel? A kegel is actually an exercise that involves the muscles of the pelvis around the vagina, bladder and birth canal.  Women and men want to keep these muscles in shape because it helps prevent urinary incontinence as we age and keeps our sexual organs in good shape while we are young.  During birth the “kegel muscles” are stretched out by the baby’s passage through the birth canal.  By keeping these muscles in good shape they will regain their normal tone much more quickly after delivery. How Do You Do Exercises? The simplest way to explain how to do kegel exercise is to practice stopping urination in midstream.  You will have to contract the muscles surrounding your bladder and vagina in order to cut off the urine flow.  These are the same muscles you exercise during kegels.  You do not have to be urinating to exercise these…

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